Demonstrators inside the US Congress

On Wednesday, the US Congress urgently suspended a session devoted to endorsing Joe Biden’s victory in the presidential election after pro-Trump demonstrators stormed the Capitol, where a woman was shot.

Senators quarantined the House of Representatives and asked parliamentarians to put on gas masks and spread out on the ground, according to what members of Congress said.

Demonstrators entered the two houses, according to what US media reported, as well as the Capitol’s rotunda, where tear gas was used.

And Donald Trump had earlier called on his supporters to go to Congress to pressure Republican members to oppose endorsement of Joe Biden’s victory. But he returned and called on them to avoid violence.

“Please support the Capitol police and law enforcement,” he wrote in a tweet, more than an hour after protesters broke through the security cordon around Congress headquarters. Trump appealed to his supporters, “Stay peaceful.”

For his part, Mike Pence called for “an immediate end to the violence” at the headquarters of Congress. “We have come to take back control of the House of Representatives, it is ours,” a protester told AFP.

“I’m going to the point of sacrificing myself to protect my rights,” said Jim Wood, a 60-year-old demonstrator from New Hampshire.

And the Mayor of Washington announced the imposition of a curfew from 6:00 pm (23:00 GMT), which will continue until 6:00 am Thursday (11:00 GMT).

The White House announced that it will send elements of the National Guard to Washington to help maintain security.

On Wednesday, several members of the US Congress condemned an attempted “coup” led by supporters of Donald Trump who managed to storm the Capitol building, warning that this move is bound to fail.

Pence demands withdrawal
US Vice President Mike Pence called on Wednesday for “an immediate halt to violence” on the Capitol after protesters, supporters of outgoing President Donald Trump, stormed Congress.

Pence said in a tweet on Twitter that “the violence and destruction that is occurring on the US Capitol building must stop and stop now.”

“Everyone concerned must respect the law enforcement agents and leave the building immediately,” he added, stressing that “peaceful protest is the right of every American, but this attack on the Capitol will not be tolerated and those involved in it will be prosecuted to the maximum extent permitted by law.”.

The woman was hit by a bullet in the shoulder, according to what a security officer said to the “Washington Post” newspaper. The injured woman was transferred on a stretcher. CNN reported that her condition is critical.

Liquefied gas and pistols
A US congressman said on Wednesday that “tear gas” was used Wednesday in the Capitol’s rotunda after demonstrators supporting outgoing President Donald Trump stormed the building to protest his defeat.

An AFP photographer reported smoke in the air in the rotunda under the Capitol dome, where more than 100 protesters gathered.

“The police asked us to take out the gas masks after using tear gas in the round room,” Democratic Representative Jim Hymes wrote.

The House and Senate suspended the approval hearing on Joe Biden after Trump supporters entered the building.

A US lawmaker said that police in the House of Representatives had brought their weapons to the ground when supporters of outgoing President Donald Trump tried to storm him on Wednesday.

Representative Dan Kildee said from within the council that “the council security and the Capitol Police pointed their pistols while the demonstrators were banging on the outside door of the hall.” “We were instructed to lie on the ground and put on gas masks,” he added.

Objection to the election results
On Wednesday, members loyal to outgoing President Donald Trump objected to the election results, repeating allegations of fraud, during a joint special session of both houses of Congress to confirm Biden’s victory.

Chuck Schumer, leader of the Democratic minority in the Senate, considered that Republican members of Congress who object to Joe Biden’s victory in the elections support “an attempted coup.” Schumer said: “Unfortunately, some elements of the Republican Party think that their political continuity depends on their participation in the attempted coup.

Coup attempt
Several members of the US Congress condemned Wednesday an attempted “coup” led by supporters of Donald Trump who managed to storm the Capitol building, warning that this move is destined to fail.

Democratic Representative William Baskrell tweeted, “We are witnessing a coup attempt with the encouragement of the White House criminal. But the attempt is doomed to failure.”

“This is not a demonstration, it is a coup attempt” condemning “the chaos that our president has planned,” said Representative Diana Degty.

The storming and evacuation of buildings in the Congress headquarters
Police ordered the evacuation of buildings at the US Congress in the face of pro-Trump demonstrators who crossed the security barriers at the Capitol stairs.

Congressional police ordered employees to leave the Cannon Building and another large wing that houses offices after outgoing US President Donald Trapp called on his supporters to object to the approval of Joe Biden’s victory during a joint special session of both houses of Congress in Washington.

Rep. Nancy Mace said in a tweet on Twitter: “I just vacated my office in the Cannon Building due to a near threat. Now we’re seeing protesters attack the Capitol Police.”

Biden stated, “it’s time to turn the page.”
These protests come after the US President-elect Joe Biden praised, on Wednesday, the likely victory of the Democrats in the Senate and considered this an indication of the Americans’ desire to move forward, calling for cooperation between the Democratic and Republican parties.

“It is time to turn the page,” Biden said in a statement congratulating the Democratic candidates on their likely victory in the two Georgia state Senate seats.

And he added: The American people demand action and desire unity. I am more optimistic than ever that we can achieve both. ”




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