Trump retracts a statement regarding "Biden wins": We are the ones who will win!

US President Donald Trump retracted a statement in which he recognized for the first time the victory of Democratic candidate Joe Biden in the presidential elections, stressing that “a long way remains for them to determine the winner.”

Trump said in a tweet posted on his Twitter account today, Sunday: “Biden won only in the eyes of the false media, and I did not admit anything. We still have a long way to go. The elections were rigged!”

In another tweet, Trump renewed the allegation about “falsifying” the results of the vote, adding: “We are the ones who win!”

This comes shortly after Trump posted a tweet in which he wrote that Biden “won because the elections were rigged,” which marks the Republican president’s first admission that his Democratic opponent had won the vote.

Trump insists on refusing to admit his election defeat to Biden, despite the confirmation of statistics that the Democratic candidate reaped the support of the majority of the electoral college members.

In recent days, the US president has repeatedly announced the occurrence of “fraud” during the vote, while his campaign has filed a series of lawsuits over the vote-counting process.

Although many foreign leaders have congratulated Joe Biden on the supposed victory, the winner of the race has yet to be officially announced.


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