Trump's cleansing campaign is dangerous and expanding
Trump’s cleansing campaign is dangerous and expanding

The outgoing US President Donald Trump revealed, in statements to him, today, Friday, that there is only one way for the Democratic Party candidate, Joe Biden, to enter the White House.

Trump said in a tweet posted on his official account on “Twitter” today: “Biden cannot enter the White House as president unless he can prove that the 80 million votes were not obtained fraudulently or illegally.”

Trump added: “When you see what happened in Detroit, Atlanta, Philadelphia, and Milwaukee, from massive fraud in the numbers of voters, he (Biden) faces a big problem that cannot be solved,” as he put it.

And the social networking site, “Twitter”, put on Trump’s tweet, a brief-phrase, and a distinctive color, stating, “This claim about election fraud is disputed.”

The US President said, in an interview on the occasion of Thanksgiving Day, a few days ago, that he would leave the White House if the election compound voted for Biden, indicating at the same time that this would be a mistake.

Trump added during a media briefing, last Thursday, when asked whether he would leave the White House if Biden’s victory was approved by the Electoral College, saying, “I definitely will, and you know that.”

It is reported that Biden is scheduled to be inaugurated on January 20.

Trump had confirmed on more than one occasion that the US elections were 100% “rigged”.

Trump published a tweet on his Twitter account, in which he said that Joe Biden’s access to 80 million votes in the recent US elections is completely unlikely.

Trump questioned, in his tweet, that his rival, President-elect, Joe Biden, obtained 80 million votes in the presidential election, again accusing him of rigging the presidential elections.

Trump said, “I just saw the vote being scheduled … Biden couldn’t have got 80 million votes !!! These were 100% rigged elections.”


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