Donald trump

US President Donald Trump announced in a television interview broadcast Friday, a week after he was hospitalized due to his infection with Covid-19, that he was “no longer taking medication,” revealing more details about his battle with the emerging coronavirus. The US President was a guest on the Fox program “Tucker Carlson Tonight”, in an appearance that the White House described as a “medical evaluation” that Dr. Mark Siegel conducts for Trump on the air.

“Right now, I’m not taking medication. I’m not taking any medication for eight hours, probably,” Trump told Siegel.

It was unclear when the interview was recorded, which Carlson said was filmed by White House staff.

Trump’s doctors said earlier that they had given him a powerful combination of curative drugs, including dexamethasone, which is usually given for severe cases of Covid-19.

Trump also said he had been tested again for COVID-19.


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