President Donald Trump on Tuesday, November 3, voting day in the United States
President Donald Trump on Tuesday, November 3, voting day in the United States

US President Donald Trump considered that Americans have the right to know the name of the winner on election day while visiting one of the Republican campaign centers in suburban Washington.

“We have the right to know the winner on November 3rd,” Trump said in Arlington, Virginia.
It is worth noting that more Americans resorting to voting by mail may delay the counting of votes and consequently the announcement of the result.

Trump had played down the importance of the statement by Jean O’Malley Dillon, the campaign manager for the Democratic candidate, Joe Biden, in which she asserted that “Trump’s victory will not be announced under any election night scenario.”

Trump said in an interview with “Fox and Friends” conducted Tuesday morning: “This was a very strange quote … I don’t know what you meant, except that it might be talking about the very strange decision taken by the US Supreme Court that allows extra time for counting votes and a lot more.” Other things. ”

He pointed out that “this allows chaos … and so you might talk about it … maybe you can blow up Pennsylvania so that you don’t have to do it,” and said that Biden’s campaign stance did not “frighten him.”

Regarding recent decisions by the US Supreme Court in Pennsylvania and North Carolina to extend the deadlines for election officials to receive the ballot, Trump said: “The decision on Pennsylvania was a terrible decision … there is no reason to skip the polling date … people should vote early. .. You don’t have to wait until the end… Why do they wait until the end? There is plenty of time for the votes to be counted and tabulated. ”


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