Trump: A vaccine against Corona may be available within a month

US President Donald Trump announced on Tuesday that a vaccine for the emerging coronavirus will be available within a month, in more optimistic expectations than his previous ones, but he added that the epidemic may disappear on its own.

“We are very close to reaching a vaccine,” he said during a meeting attended by several Pennsylvania voters, hosted by ABC News.
“We are weeks away from getting it, maybe three or four weeks,” he added.
A few hours ago, Trump told Fox News that a vaccine was possible within “four weeks, maybe eight weeks.


Democrats have expressed concern that Trump is pressuring health regulators and scientists to approve a hasty vaccine that would help him boost his chances of winning a second term in office against Democrat Joe Biden in the November 3 election.

Scientists, including the great expert in infectious diseases, Dr. Anthony Fauci, said that approval for the vaccine will likely be issued towards the end of the year.

During the election broadcast by ABC, a voter asked Trump why he had downplayed the seriousness of Covid-19, which has so far killed nearly 200,000 people in the United States.
Trump replied, “I have not underestimated his gravity, I actually in many ways exaggerated it in terms of the measures” to confront him.
But Trump himself had told journalist Bob Woodward in interviews for his book “Rage”, published on Tuesday, that he had deliberately decided to “downplay” it to avoid frightening Americans.

He reiterated his most controversial opinion about the virus that has exhausted the economy, and government experts say that its danger will remain for some time, stressing that the virus will “disappear”.
“He will recede without a vaccine, but he will recede more quickly with him,” he said.

Group immunity
In response to a question about how the virus will disappear on its own, Trump referred to the herd immunity that develops in people and allows resistance to disease and limits its spread.


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