Tom Cruise
Tom Cruise

When the working time between a man and a woman is long and sensitive, and they share work, rest, and eating times, they coalesce day after day, and their presence in some life becomes a natural and warm matter that each of them wishes to continue further

it seems that Tom Cruise happened to him with this matter with the heroine of the seventh film of his series The famous cinematic “Mission Impossible“, which took to be filmed and was not over for about a year.

New love in the life of Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise and Hayley Atwell
Tom Cruise and Hayley Atwell

The British newspaper “The Sun” revealed that Hollywood star Tom Cruise, who is “58 years old”, eight years after his divorce from international superstar Katie Holmes, seems to be wooing, loving, and dating the 38-year-old actress Hayley Atwell, his partner He is currently starring in the movie and the new seventh part of his popular series “Mission Impossible”.

They worked together for a year

Tom Cruise and Hailey Atwell worked together and took a joint business tour for nearly a year between the United Kingdom, Italy, and Norway.

They were seen in an emotional situation

The British newspaper added that Tom Cruise “58 years” and Hayley Atwell (38 years) “are getting closer and closer” during their work together, and also indicated that they were seen holding hands during a show in London.

Very happy together

A member of the film’s production said: “Tom and Haley have bonded since day one, and the closure and difficulties encountered in filming the movie have made them closer, and they both seem very happy together, and he thinks they are about to announce their relationship soon.”

And this member who does not receive a salary like the rest of the employees wished that they would continue their romantic relationship for a long time, continue this wonderful coexistence and that Tom Cruise would never shout about it, the way he shouted at the members of his film crew, “Mission Impossible 7” when two individuals violated the restrictions of social distancing necessary for prevention From the Coronavirus “Covid 19”.

According to news agencies, after Tom Cruise’s harsh reprimand and his uttering some inappropriate words, and threatening his crew with expulsion in case they violated the precautionary measures to prevent the Coronavirus, and a sound recording of him was leaked, five of the team members resigned immediately.


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