Cop Derek Chauvin, the main culprit in the murder of black American George Floyd, whose death sparked a large-scale protest movement in the United States, was released on $ 1 million bails Wednesday.

Derek Chauvin, a 44-year-old white cop, will be tried in March alongside three former colleagues accused of complicity in the Minneapolis Floyd murder case, which sparked the largest anti-racism demonstrations in the United States since the 1960s.

On May 25, Chauvin filmed pressing his knee against Floyd’s neck, tying the hands for a long time, causing his death from suffocation. The clip was shown by an Internet photographer, which caused global shock.

And contributed to his arrest four days later to calm the situation in the large city of Minneapolis in the north of the United States, which witnessed riots over several nights.

Derek Chauvin has since been held in a Minnesota jail he only left to appear before a judge on September 11th. Other defendants were represented by Alexander Kong, Thomas Yen, and Tu Thao, who was released on bail after several weeks.

The four demanded an end to the prosecution, stressing that they used force proportional to a person who was resisting his arrest. Derek Chauvin’s lawyer said in court documents that George Floyd “probably died from a fentanyl overdose.”

This angered George Floyd’s family, and his brother Philonese Floyd said, “He died from a knee that pressed his neck and this is what the autopsy showed.”


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