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Sue Middleton, President of the European Union for Pharmaceutical Industries and Vaccine Associations in Europe, revealed Tuesday that a dose of the vaccine against the Covid-19 disease that is sweeping the world will cost “between 5 and 15 euros”. Middleton while speaking to a parliamentary committee in the European Parliament,

Middleton’s statements came during a hearing in the European Parliament, coinciding with the Sanofi laboratory and Corvac defending their contracts signed with the European Union regarding the production of vaccines against the Coronavirus.

The European Union has concluded six deals with labs to preserve hundreds of millions of potential vaccine doses, but it has not disclosed any estimated amount or even the commercial terms that define these contracts.

In this context, the official in the European Union warned that the rules governing the competition market, saying, “There are issues related to competition, and it will not be good to publish this information until all contracts are completed.” Regarding the price of a “future” vaccine dose, Middleton said, “I think it is a reasonable price.”

At the moment, the European Union, through the European Commission, signed two pre-purchase contracts for the vaccine with the Swedish-British company AstraZeneca, as well as with the French-British duo, Sanofi GSK, to obtain 300 million doses per laboratory.

And if the United States announced last July that it had paid 1.95 billion dollars for 100 million doses of the possible Pfizer-Biontac vaccine, Brussels did not disclose any amount. And according to the laboratories involved, the price for the dose is not final.


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