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As negative polls continued, the White House on Sunday tried to salvage a new economic stimulus plan it had proposed in light of opposition from Democrats and Republicans less than four weeks before the November 3 presidential election.

CNN asked Larry Kudlow whether the stimulus proposal had failed, and he replied: “I don’t think so,” adding: “I think if an agreement is reached (with the Democrats) the Republicans will agree to it.”

After a week of procrastination, the Trump administration on Friday raised the value of its proposed program to stimulate the US economy from 1,500 billion to 1,800 billion dollars, hoping to strike a deal with Democrats less than four weeks before the presidential election.

For its part, Democratic House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi considered the new proposal a “step forward and two steps back,” and the official negotiating the file with Treasury Secretary Stephen Mnuchin described the file as “insufficient.”

A new initiative?
“We still have disagreements about many priorities,” Pelosi told Democrats on Saturday, but made it clear that she was “optimistic.”

Democrats, who have submitted a proposal to support the economy, are seeking $ 2,200 billion in aid to families, businesses, local authorities, and more.

Although Trump’s economic advisor indicated the administration’s desire to approve targeted measures to help economic sectors severely affected by the Covid-19 epidemic, such as air transport and medium and small businesses, Kudlow hinted that the White House could take a positive initiative toward Democrats.

“Mnuchin increased the offer to $ 1,800 billion. That is why the proposal is in the middle between the two camps. And the president always says – I heard him say it in the Oval Office – if that includes important items like checks (for families) and help for the unemployed and small businesses. And airlines.” He can go further. ”

But in addition to Democrats, many Republican senators reject the White House proposal because they see it as overrated.

Republicans revealed their reservations Saturday during a phone call with Mnuchin and Trump’s bureau chief Mark Meadows


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