The United States will ban Chinese apps, TikTok and WeChat, from Sunday

The US Commerce Department announced Friday that Chinese TikTok and WeChat will be banned from downloading in the United States Sunday due to “national security” risks.

“The Chinese Communist Party has proven that it has the means and intent to use these two applications to threaten national security, US foreign policy, and its economy,” the ministry said in a statement.

In doing so, the United States implements the threat that President Donald Trump has waved against the two Chinese apps, amid mounting tension between the two economic giants.

However, Washington leaves the door open to TikTok, the short video platform that is overwhelmingly popular with young people, before completely banning it from operating on its soil.

“The president leaves a deadline until November 12 to settle national security problems raised by TikTok, and the ban will be lifted at the end,” the Ministry of Commerce statement said.

TikTok, owned by the Chinese group Bydance, has been in danger of being banned since early August, when Trump, who accuses it of spying for the Chinese authorities, signed a decree demanding it sell its activities in the United States by September 20, otherwise it will be banned in the country.

The US giants Microsoft and Walmart made an offer to buy the US TikTok business, but the parent company, ByteDance, rejected it on Sunday.

After that, signs of an agreement emerged that would make Oracle California a “reliable technology partner” for TikTok, but no detail was revealed in this regard.

The Ministry of Commerce said, “Although the risks of WeChat and TikTok are not the same, they are similar. Each of them collects huge amounts of data from users.”

The WeChat platform owned by the Chinese giant, “Tencent”, is commonly used in China, whether to exchange text messages, to pay, to reserve and so on


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