President Donald Trump and Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, during the first debate, Tuesday, September 29, 2020

“You are the worst president in the history of the United States.”

Donald Trump has often mocked his Democratic opponent, Joe Biden, as a “sleepy atmosphere,” but the US president was surprised in Tuesday’s debate with a violent attack from a candidate who managed to control a disgruntled opponent seeking a second term.

Biden used terms such as “clown,” “liar,” fool, “racist,” and “Putin’s puppet.” His calculated attacks, even when he tried not to enter Tlasen, showed that the Democratic candidate would not tolerate a verbal battle that American voters had never seen before. Debating platform.

Trump and Biden nodded as the debate began. But since the opening question from moderator Chris Wallace, a journalist at Fox News, the tension was evident and the confrontation quickly spiraled out of control.

With Trump refusing to condemn the theory of white supremacy, insisting that the mail vote is tainted by fraud, and Hunter attacking Biden’s son, and warning that Biden’s presidency would harm the economy, Biden came to say, “You are the worst president in the history of the United States.”

Trump continued to boycott his opponent’s words. Biden shouted, “Hey, man.”

These were the most common positions in which Biden almost lost his calm, which is what Trump clearly sought, while the two men differed on issues from the vacant seat on the Supreme Court that Trump intends to fill quickly due to the Covid-19 epidemic, to the economic difficulties and the reliability of the postal ballot.

But his approach was well received by many American families, and the Biden campaign store immediately began selling T-shirts that read, “Shall you shut up, man.”

The campaign said that between 10:00 and 11:00 pm, “the Biden campaign had the highest amount of online donations ever.”

Trump has sought to bash Biden as a weak candidate who could only be drawn to the left by “radical” socialists in the party, but Biden did not budge.

“Everything he’s saying so far is a lie,” Biden said, addressing viewers in the first minutes of the debate, a phrase he repeated over and over during the debate.

“We have become more vulnerable, poor, divided, violent and prone to disease” under the Trump administration, he added.

While Trump insisted that state governors praised his “exceptional” work in fighting Covid-19 and that if he left it to Biden, millions of Americans would have died, Biden turned his gaze into the camera, on one of several times, in an apparent attempt to attract undecided voters. distance.

“The president has no plan,” Biden said. “He has been aware since February of the seriousness of the crisis.”

“He said he did not tell us or warn people about it because he did not want to cause panic among American citizens. You are not panicking, he is.”

Most polls show the dissatisfaction of many voters about Trump’s measures to confront the epidemic, an issue that may be crucial in the elections, especially in swing states such as Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, which Biden is seeking to regain its votes after Trump won it in 2016.

In an effort to attract middle-class voters and workers, Biden has attacked Trump for reportedly not paying federal income tax or too little in the past few years despite being a billionaire.

“They look down on people like Irish Catholics and people like me, and people who don’t have money,” Biden said.

Trump has fiercely defended the “law and order” approach he has adopted in recent months, saying that Biden lacks the courage to stand up to violent demonstrators, like the president.

“If he can manage the country as he wants, suburbs will disappear and we will see problems that we have not seen before,” Trump said.

Biden hastened to respond, “He will not know a suburb unless he accidentally turns his car towards it.”

Mitchell McKinney, an expert on presidential debates at the University of Missouri, told AFP that Trump’s performance was portrayed by a “feisty” president seeking to mock his rival.

“Joe Biden avoided making big mistakes that would feed Trump’s rhetoric about Biden being too old or ineligible for the office of president,” he added.


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