King Philip VI and Queen Letizia of Spain, and their daughter Princess Leonor and Princess Sofía
King Felipe and Queen Letizia of Spain, and their daughter Princess Leonor and Princess Sofía
Despite the extreme caution adopted by kings and princes, mixing in itself may pose a danger itself if the physical spacing of approximately two meters is not applied.
While Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II, aged 94, who gradually returned to her royal duties after isolating herself for months in Windsor Castle, began from her first official appearance to commit to a physical distance of two meters with her family members, and during the performance of her official duties,
it seems that The Spanish King Philip VI, who is “52 years old”, is committed to the same thing, and is ready to isolate himself healthily to protect his family and those around him in case he realizes and knows about the injury of one of his contacts in his narrow royal circle.

And according to the “Hola” website, the Spanish palace announced last Monday that the King of Spain Philip VI and Queen Letizia’s husband, who is 52 years old, entered quarantine for 10 days after it was confirmed on Sunday that he had contact with a person who had tested positive for the Coronavirus.

Temporarily suspend all duties of King Philip VI

According to the health protocols followed in Spain and the countries of the world, everyone who has had contact with someone infected with the Coronavirus must adhere to a 10-day quarantine, and accordingly, all the planned duties of King Philip VI have been temporarily suspended for some time.

The wife of the King of Spain, Queen Letizia, and their two daughters, Princess Leonor and Princess Infanta Sophia will continue to carry out their royal activities and duties as usual.

The Spanish Princess Leonor, who is “15 years old”, preceded her father, King of Spain, Philip VI, to isolate herself in her home as part of the preventive quarantine protocol for a period of 14 days after it was proven that one of her schoolmates was injured last September, and after completing her home quarantine period. She underwent a corona examination, and the result was negative, she returned to her school normally, and also returned to practice her duties with her Spanish royal family.

Also, Queen Letizia isolated herself earlier this year after it was confirmed that one of the ministers she had contacted was infected


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