An obelisk on the hill of Batka Dumani, northern Romania
An obelisk on the hill of Batka Dumani, northern Romania
A mysterious metal obelisk appeared in an area in the north of the Netherlands, according to the authorities, after similar pieces were discovered in the United States, Romania, and Britain.

Hikers found this obelisk, on Sunday, on private property near the Keckenberg reserve in the Friesland region, according to Imke Burma, a spokesman for the Dutch “Staatspospierre” association of forest rangers. “We think it was erected at the site during the weekend, probably because hikers found it … but we don’t know how it got here,” the latter said in statements to AFP.

Is there a relationship between obelisks?

On Monday morning, rangers searched the obelisk forest and began looking for clues to find out where it came from. A similar monument was discovered in mid-November in the Utah desert in the United States before it disappeared days later. Two other obelisks appeared a few days later in Romania and California. A fourth was found on the beach on the Isle of Wight in southern England.

And Dutch media published pictures of the pillar, which was found on Sunday in the Friesland region, which appears less glaring than other obelisks, according to the local channel, “Omrup Friesland.” The station discussed the possibility that the work is the result of a promotional campaign conducted by the “New Year’s Eid Association”, whose mission is to draw public opinion to a town or association in the country.

These strange discoveries have become widespread on social networks, as many have stopped at similarities to strange obelisks from outside our planet in Stanley Kubrick’s 2001 movie, A Space Odyssey. A group calling itself “The Most Famous Artist” based in New Mexico, USA, claimed responsibility for placing the obelisk in Utah, and posted a picture of the work on Instagram, offering it for sale at a price of $ 45,000. But she made it clear that it had nothing to do with the obelisks discovered in Romania, Britain, and the Netherlands.


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