The reasons for the slow vote count within the US elections

U.s. and also the world are still on the lookout for the winner of the US presidential election, while the counting of votes is slow.

Polling results are updated at a frequency of no quite some thousand votes when. Therefore, an issue arises: Why does the vote count take so long?

“Speed is great,” says Georgia state election official Gabriel Sterling. “We appreciate speed. But we value accuracy more.”

Postal voting thanks to COVID-19

Fears of the COVID-19 pandemic have prompted many countries to encourage voters to vote by mail for the primary time.

Many states found themselves faced with an enormous mailing of ballots, expected to number 70 million out of quite 150 million votes.
The short time available to process the big numbers of postal ballots caused many problems.

Election officials need new kinds of ballot papers, new equipment, more space, and more tables, chairs, and staff.

The mail, which is understaffed and understaffed, is additionally causing the method to be delayed.


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