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The mail of former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton put many people in embarrassing and difficult locations, by disclosing the services provided by these people, and from Libya, the name of Fathi Omar al-Turbi appeared remarkably.
One of the letters in Clinton’s mail, which the US president recently ordered to declassify, revealed that al-Turbi, a Libyan citizen with US citizenship, sent a list of targets to NATO to be bombed during the alliance’s military operations in Libya in 2011.

The aforementioned letter is dated April 30, 2011, and titled “List of Targets”, and it was reported that the specified targets had indeed been bombed.

The document reveals that the operation and bombing of those targets caused the death of a relative of the late Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, and it is likely that he was his younger son, Saif al-Arab.

Fathi Omar al-Turbi introduces himself on his Facebook account as “one of the founders of the Libyan Commission for Human Rights. He is considered one of the most prominent advocates of human rights and democracy for more than three decades.”

In describing himself, al-Turbi also says that over the successive years his ties have strengthened “with all Libyans in the United States and European countries, as he enjoyed good relations and ties with them.”

This self-definition did not forget to confirm that the meaning “helped many of them (Libyans) in this regard at all levels, especially for those stranded in financial means,” adding that at the same time he was keenly interested in Western Libyan affairs!

Another definition speaks of al-Turbi, indicating that he has spent more than 25 years working tirelessly abroad “to promote democracy and promote human rights principles in Libya.”

The definition recounts that al-Turbi returned to Libya in 2004, in order to continue working on the same approach!

The definition attached to Al-Tarbi’s account on Facebook revealed that the man “touched” the damage from the previous regime, as his brother, “Dr. Imran al-Turbi and a group of his friends were arbitrarily arrested in 1984, and he was imprisoned for more than 18 years.

On the other hand, a large number of activists on social media sent their curses to this man, and many described him as a traitor, while the Libyan newspaper Al-Shahid called him “the king of coordinates”, and saw that he contributed to handing the Gaddafi family to NATO, based on a vision that suggests that his son, Saif Al-Arab was killed while hitting the targets set by Al-Tarbi.

Source: Libyan media


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