The largest ammunition theft from an Israeli military base

Today, Sunday, the Hebrew newspaper Al-Niqab revealed the largest and most severe ammunition theft from an Israeli military base, perhaps in the country’s history.

The Hebrew newspaper “Yediot Aharonot” reported, this Sunday morning, that despite the huge security of the Israeli military bases, smugglers succeeded in storming a military base and recording one of the largest thefts from military bases, and perhaps the largest in the history of Israel as a whole.

The newspaper reported that the thieves received assistance from inside the Israeli military base, and last week they managed to steal 93,000 bullets from the “Tsalim” military base, in the south of the country, after the thieves – they have not yet been identified or whose identity has not been known – learned about the guard dates. In the Israeli military base.

The Hebrew newspaper confirmed that the thieves after they got acquainted with the timing or guard shifts at the military base, succeeded in reaching the ammunition store by obtaining the help of some soldiers from inside the site, while the newspaper estimated this ammunition at millions of shekels, which will cause great material damage to the Israeli army.

The newspaper pointed out that this theft was not and will not be the last, as a military base was previously stolen in the north of the country, near the Lebanese border, and some officers were overthrown, after conducting an extensive military investigation, through which it was proven that there is a security hole in the base. Thieves to penetrate it.


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