the pistol in the movie Doctor No
the pistol in the movie Doctor No
All accessories, cars, pistol, and memorabilia for James Bond films are witnessing increasing global interest all over the world, and are being sold at the highest prices unimaginable, especially memorabilia for the first old films, the most famous of which is the movie “Doctor No” by his late Scottish hero, Sean Connery.

The scenes in which the Walther BP semi-automatic pistol, as well as the smaller BPK model, have become one of the most famous scenes in the world-famous “James Bond” movie series, and the pistol, with its different models, has gained more attention. After the late international superstar Sir Sean Connery used it in the 1962 movie “Doctor No”, the gun was recently sold for $ 256,000 at an auction in Beverly Hills, according to Variety.
Its price exceeded the estimate and guesswork of experts
The auction house that took over the sale indicated that the price exceeded previous estimates for this iconic piece in cinema history.

It has been owned by its owner for more than 14 years

Before selling the gun was the property of film producer Dan Lanegan, who enjoyed owning it for more than 14 years. Dan Lanegan said that he bought the unique pistol 15 years ago due to his love and admiration for the movie “Dr. No” starring Sean Connery, and he was and still is a fan of the famous James Bond series, and the gun. The semi-automatic originally came from a specialist arms supplier in the United Kingdom, then it was auctioned in 2006, and was bought by Dan Lanegan at the time.
Dan Lanegan noted that the pistol is no longer used as a firearm.
And about the reason for selling it now, after having acquired it for so long, he said: “My interests have changed over the years.” He added that the gun needs another home, and to be with someone who gives him the love he deserves.
Dan Lanegan had signed a contract with Julian’s auction house two weeks before the death of Sean Connery, and after Connery’s death, he was not comfortable psychologically selling it at this time because he did not want to benefit from the death of the hero of the movie “Dr. No”, and the gun became more important to him, and he considered withdrawing it from the auction But the auction house convinced him to back off his idea, that these things are normal and happen every day.

American Auction Winner Watch all James Bond movies

James Bond in the movie Doctor No
James Bond in the movie Doctor No

In a statement from Julian’s Auctions, the auction winner and the pistol chose not to be identified but said the new owner was an American, who had watched all James Bond movies with his children.
The Scottish actor Sir Sean Connery, most famous in the body of the James Bond character, and the hero of the movie “Dr. No”, died on October 31, 2020, at the age of 90, after suffering briefly from aging and Alzheimer’s diseases, so he died while sleeping in his private home in the Bahamas Who chose her to spend his last years quietly in it.


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