The injury of the US President-elect after falling due to a dog...

US President-elect Joe Biden was injured, on Saturday evening, after slipping while playing with his dog, which led to a sprained ankle, and he is scheduled to be examined by a doctor today.

In a brief statement, Biden’s office said that the accident occurred on Saturday and that the 78-year-old Democratic President-elect will be examined by an orthopedic surgeon on Sunday “out of great caution,” according to Fox News.

Major US media estimates indicate that Democratic candidate Joe Biden is the winner of the Nov.3 presidential election, over Republican President Donald Trump.

Election officials in several states validated the crucial fight for his victory. Biden declared victory in a patriotic speech, and so did US President Donald Trump, who said his victory was stolen through widespread fraud and irregularities.

Trump has sought to recount votes in several states and file lawsuits in state and federal courts, saying only legal votes should be counted and illegal votes eliminated. Some states said they found no evidence of significant wrongdoing and fraud.


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