Dr. Samer Shuaib
Dr. Samer Shuaib

The image of a newborn boy with all his powers attracting a muzzle on the face of his doctor

It does not seem that only adults are against wearing a muzzle, because newborns have their say in this regard as well. In a hospital in the UAE city of Dubai, I took a picture of a newborn, attracting with all his might the muzzle of his Lebanese doctor, Dr. Samer Shuaib, without ceasing to scream at his birth, while the doctor himself could not help laughing.

Doctor Shuaib wrote on his Instagram page that the photo emits a mixed feeling between heat and hope, and said he believed that it brings hope and sends a positive feeling to people, for a better future, during which masks are removed from faces soon.

The picture taken by the child’s father, and published on Instagram on the fifth of this month, has spread widely during these days in which the Covid-19 epidemic is spreading, and the image has garnered more than 100 thousand likes.



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