Fires in California destroyed more than 2 million acres of forests, according to statistics from the Forestry and Fire Protection Department. They also destroyed more than 3,300 structures and killed 8 people.

The last time California saw similar fires, causing massive damage to forests and property, this was 2018 when 1.96 million acres of land were consumed by the fire.

Since Monday morning, Cal Fire said, more than 14,100 firefighters have been recruited to fight 23 fires across California.

On Sunday, California Governor Gavin Newsom declared a state of emergency in five counties, and the Fresno Fire airlifted 200 people from the Sierra National Forest on Sunday, and the fires destroyed 10,000 acres of Cleveland National Forest.

As for the San Bernardino County fire, it was caused by a married couple, They firing a colored firearm to reveal the gender of their child



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