Nancy Pelosi

The FBI is investigating allegations that a Pennsylvania woman had stolen the computer of Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House of Representatives, with the aim of selling it to Russia as supporters of former President Donald Trump stormed Congress on January 6.

The FBI is seeking to prosecute Riley John Williams for her involvement in riots in the Capitol and for her disorderly behavior. According to the office, video clips taken from surveillance cameras showed Williams near Pelosi’s office during the congressional storming.

Drew Hamill, a spokesperson for the House Speaker, had previously announced that Pelosi’s computer had been stolen from her office.

No information was received on whether the FBI was able to arrest Williams, according to Politico.

The agency is investigating the allegation made by Williams’ former lover, who told the FBI that it had stolen a laptop or hard disk from Pelosi’s office with the intent to sell it to the Russian Military Intelligence Agency.

In a similar event, Democratic Senator Geoff Merkeley announced, after the congressional storming, in a tweet posted on his official Twitter page, that his computer had disappeared from his office.


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