Haim Eshed
Haim Eshed
Retired Israeli professor and general Haim Eshed, who is known as the father of his country’s space program, detonated a heavy-gauge bomb as he expressed his conviction that aliens had secretly arrived on Earth.

The retired general, who during a period between 1981 and 2011, headed the Space Administration at the Israeli Defense Ministry, claimed, in an interview published by the widespread Hebrew newspaper “Yediot Aharonot”, that those aliens asked not to disclose their access to Earth, adding: “He (the American president) Donald (Trump) is about to unveil their presence here, but the beings from the Galactic Federation said: Wait and allow people to calm down first. They don’t want a state of mass hysteria, they want us to realize and accept that first. ”

The professor added that aliens do not intend to reveal their presence on Earth unless humanity reaches an understanding of what space and spacecraft are, adding that the creatures have signed an agreement with the US government that allows them to conduct tests on Earth.

Eshed said that these organisms study the cosmic space and seek to gain the support of humans in this field, and he claimed that there is a base under the surface of Mars where representatives of the beings and American astronauts work.

The professor, who holds various academic degrees and awards in his country and abroad, confirmed that if he had said such things five years ago, he would be taken to the hospital immediately, indicating that the academic community had not accepted until recently his story, but now “they are starting to think differently.”

Source: MIGnews + JewishPress


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