The Ethiopian army declares its control over the capital of Tigray
The Ethiopian army says it will control Tigray within days

The Ethiopian army announced its control over the city of Mikkeli, the capital of Tigray region after the provincial TV announced that the city had been subjected to airstrikes and intense bombing by the federal army, as part of the third and final phase announced by Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, amid the failure of African mediation to resolve the crisis.

The Ethiopian army tightened its control of the city of Mikkeli, and strategic sites in the city were controlled.

The Ethiopian Prime Minister expressed his satisfaction with the army’s control of the capital of the Tigray region and said that the operation was carried out without loss of life. He congratulated the people of the territory on “having got rid of the Tigrayans Liberation Front.”

Tigray TV had called on the international community to intervene to stop the attacks on the city, and television broadcasts stopped after this announcement.

Debarsion Gabr Mikael, leader of the Tigray People’s Liberation Front, said today, Saturday, that the Ethiopian government forces had launched an offensive to control Mikeli.

The forces and militias of the Tigrayan Liberation Front pledged to respond to this bombing, while the statement did not mention any other details.

But the Ethiopian Prime Minister’s spokeswoman, Belene Seyoum, denied in a statement to the island by phone any bombing of the city of Mikkeli.

The army also took control of the strategic Mount Mississippo, which has a critical position to control Mikkeli within a few days, according to the Ethiopian army statement.

The Ethiopian government gave the “Popular Front” last Sunday to lay down arms or face an attack on Mekele, which has a population of 500,000; This raised the fears of relief organizations of a huge number of civilian casualties, and this deadline expired on Wednesday.


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