Sean Connery
Sean Connery
Talk about the late Scottish star Sean Connery, the second actor to play the character of the famous British agent James Bond, continues even a month after his death in his sleep on the morning of October 31 – last October, at the age of 90, in the Bahamas, where he was staying with his family in his last years.

While the evidence indicates that Sean Connery died of natural aging diseases of his age, the cause of his death revealed that he also suffered from other health problems.

A special memorial and memorial ceremony will be held for him

According to the “e Online” website, according to the official statement of his family, his wife Michelin (91 years), and his two sons: Jason and Stephan, Sean Connery died in his sleep, and according to what was said on October 31, last October, a special memorial ceremony will be held for him and will be followed by the erection of a memorial that did not take place Work on it after the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic.

This is the real cause of the death of Sean Connery

The TMZ site sheds light on the cause of the death of the real Scottish star.

The cause was revealed, signed on Sunday, November 29, 2020, after he obtained the death certificate of the Scottish international star Sean Connery, and unveiled the causes of death contained therein, and the site claimed that Sean Connery, according to the death certificate, died in his sleep due to pneumonia, and deficiency in Heart, old age.

Suffered from Alzheimer’s

The causes of the death of the world star Sir Sean Connery revealed a month after his departure at the age of 90, and less than a month later, his wife Micheline revealed in a rare interview with the British newspaper “Daily Mail” on the first of November that her late husband Sean Connery He suffers from Alzheimer’s.

She also said that he was not able to express himself in his last days and that he died as quietly in his sleep as he had hoped.

Michelin praised her late husband, Connery, calling him “the model of the ideal man.”

And she admitted that his life without him would be very difficult.

It is noteworthy that Sean Connery retired from acting in 2003 after winning many prestigious awards, including the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor in the film “Far From Touch” in 1988.

He received a special honor from Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II, who awarded him the title of Sir and the Equestrian Medal in 1999.


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