stealth fighters
stealth fighters

The South Korean Weapons Purchase Agency announced today, Tuesday, that it has received 24 fifth-generation F-35A fighter jets from the United States so far.

The agency stressed that South Korea is seeking to enhance its defense capabilities against external threats.

South Korea began bringing in advanced US stealth fighters, in March of last year, to enhance its capabilities under a plan aimed at deploying 40 units until next year.

The Defense Acquisition Program Administration said, in a report submitted for the purpose of parliamentary scrutiny, that “we encountered some delays in delivery due to the Corona situation, but thanks to coordination between South Korea and the United States, the delivery process was carried out according to the plan.”

The agency indicated that South Korea will complete the construction of aircraft storage facilities by December.

Military officials stated that “the aircraft is expected to enhance these operational capabilities and support preparedness to confront threats from all directions, given that they are considered the cornerstone of the strategic targeting scheme against potential hostile forces.”


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