Smoking and Corona ... Scientists "Finally" Discover the Link

Since the first day of the emergence of the new Coronavirus, scientists began to search for a link between it and smoking, considering that both enter the body through the portal of the respiratory system.

And recently, researchers from the University of California in Los Angeles found an indirect link between smoking and the epidemic, as they concluded that exposure to cigarette smoke makes airway cells more vulnerable to infection with the emerging coronavirus.

The researchers obtained the cells lining the airway from 5 individuals who were not infected with “Covid 19”, and exposed some cells to cigarette smoke in test tubes, and then released the Coronavirus on all cells.

The researchers said in the journal “Cell Stem Cell“, that “when compared to cells that were not exposed to smoke, the cells exposed to smoke were two or 3 times more likely to be infected with the virus.”

An analysis of each individual’s airway cells also showed that cigarette smoke reduces the immune response to the virus.

“If air passages are considered like high walls that protect a castle, smoking cigarettes is like making holes in these walls,” Brigitte Gombert, who was involved in the research, told Reuters.

She added: “Smoking reduces the natural defenses and this allows the virus to enter and take over cells.”


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