Shocking video of US police handcuffing an innocent black woman while she is naked
the picture was taken from the video

The authorities in the American city of Chicago are facing sharp criticism after the publication of a video recording showing the police handcuffing the hands of a naked black woman after a raid on her home in a case linked to a mistake in identification.

Police raided the home of the black lady on February 21, 2019, but the video was only recently released.

Video footage shows policemen forcefully breaking the door of Anjanet Young’s house and cuffing the hands of the 50-year-old social worker as she stood naked in the living room.

In the recording broadcast by CBS Chicago, the woman’s voice is heard shouting “What is going on?”, Reiterating her assertion, “What are you looking for?” And “You are in the wrong house.”

“Oh my God, that can’t be true” and “How is this legal?”

Young told Network TV that she had just returned from work and was undressing in her bedroom when the police stormed the scene.

“It happened quickly, and I did not have time to put on clothes … I was standing there terrified and humiliated,” she added.

The police eventually left the scene after confirming that she was at the wrong address.

An officer apologized to Young as others tried to fix her broken door.

The same channel reported that the police were looking for a suspect residing in the same apartment complex in which Young lives, and obtained from a reporter the address that turned out to be wrong.

Chicago Mayor Laurie Lightfoot told reporters that she felt “disgusted” after watching the video, describing the raid as a “catastrophic failure.”

“I could have easily been me,” the African-American mayor added, stressing that “we can improve our performance as a city.”

Lawyers for the city tried to prevent the video from being published, and Young’s lawyer, Kenan Salter, who filed a lawsuit against the police station, said that a white young woman would not have faced the same treatment.

He told CBS 2 that the cops “viewed Young as being inferior to humans.”

Observers liken Young’s case to the death of Briona Taylor, a young black woman who was shot dead in Louisville, Kentucky, last March, during a failed raid on her home.

Taylor’s name was chanted during protests against racial injustice this summer after the death of George Floyd, the black man who was killed by a white police officer in Minneapolis last May.

Source: American Press


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