shark attacked
Baby Levi was standing on the sand of the beach

She took a two-year-old Australian child, a picture that would be unforgettable, in his future, because she witnessed a shark attacked

According to the “Daily Mail” newspaper, the child Levy appeared standing on the sands of the beach, while his father was driving behind him in the waters of the coast of West Victoria.

Duncan in the water
Duncan in the water

But in just a few moments, Father Duncan disappeared from view, surprisingly, while enjoying exploring the marvels of marine life.

Duncan in the water
Duncan in the water

The family speculated that the victim had suffered a sudden malaise, while diving in the sea, and then the shark attacked him at a later time and devoured him.

On the day of the catastrophe, the father was next to his wife and young son, and the family seemed very happy as they took other pictures, then the shark turned everything.

The wife, Tyla, was affected by Duncan’s departure, saying that he was a good man and lived as a friend to his young son.

Specialized teams were used to search for the father in the sea, but to no avail, as his body was not found despite an intensive combing procedure for several days, and the authorities suggest that the man died due to an unspecified natural cause.

It was preyed upon by a great white shark that was spotted at the site.

Meanwhile, some of the things of the late father were found nearby, such as a torn swimsuit, and the body is still missing.

The late friends and colleagues launched a donation campaign to help the mother and her son after the father’s departure.

For its part, the family said that they will continue to go out to the ocean for fun and will not go inside the house after the accident. “The ocean is still a place of peace and love for us.”


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