sexual assault
Kevin McCarthy

Kevin McCarthy, accused of harassment and sexual assault of a number of women, underwent a hearing in Wood Green Crown Court in England, where he faces a series of serious “moral” charges.

The 67-year-old millionaire McCarthy pretended to search for volunteers in the medical field, through ads he posted on many social media sites, to train paramedics who travel to conflict and war zones.

McCarthy’s goal was not to love doing good as he claimed, but rather to harass and sexually assault the women who came to be interviewed.

And according to the British newspaper “Daily Star”, McCarthy rented an office in London to receive the volunteers, where he was keen to conduct women’s checks for them after they undressed.

According to what was stated in the court session, Friday, that McCarthy claimed to be a doctor, did not possess any medical qualifications, and “sexually” assaulted six victims at least.

“The millionaire and the fake doctor” was revealed after one of his victims reported to the police. McCarthy jumped from the window and tried to flee to Kenya, but the British authorities arrested him at Heathrow Airport.

The court heard the testimony of Deby, McCarthy’s wife, who said that he was a persistent man, as he had commercial and business activities, pointing out that her life with her husband was very happy.

Deby added, “I did not expect to face such a situation at all,” noting that her husband feels sorry and ashamed of what he has done and that he needs help and treatment for his disgraceful behavior.


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