secret Israeli laboratory to manufacture robotic weapons

Hebrew Channel revealed a secret Israeli laboratory for the manufacture and development of Israeli robotic weapons, which are used for various military and civilian purposes.

The “12” Hebrew Channel reported, yesterday evening, Thursday, during a video report, that the secret laboratory, which is described as a dream laboratory, which resembles “James Bond” films and science fiction films, is located in the Galilee region (northern Israel), and is developing intelligent industrial robots in the shapes of animals. And reptiles, to be used for military purposes.

The Israeli laboratory is developing a robotic snake that simulates the movement of real reptiles, and it is light and can be carried with the bag to the field with soldiers, to carry out the tasks of photography and gathering intelligence information or detonation.

secret Israeli laboratory to manufacture robotic weapons

The Hebrew Channel confirmed on its website that what the Israeli factory produces is not only used for military purposes but also for civilian purposes, including locating radioactive leaks and rescuing those trapped under the rubble to prevent harm to human life, as well as using it in tunnels dug near. From the Gaza Strip or Lebanon.

She indicated that a robot in the form of a dog had been created, which could move and accompany soldiers in the field, and could carry equipment or explosive materials, in addition to monitoring, photographing, and gathering information.


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