Commission inspectors from the Indonesian National Air Transport Safety Agency look at parts of the wreckage of a plane that has crashed off the coast of Jakarta. 01/11/2021

In the wake of the crash of an Indonesian plane with 62 people on board the day before Saturday, body parts, debris and clothes were recovered from the waters of the capital Jakarta.

The Indonesian authorities have not yet announced the cause of the sharp landing of the 737,500 planes in Sriwijaya, about four minutes after it took off from Soekarno-Hatta airport on Saturday noon.

But the authorities said they had located the two black boxes that contain audio recordings and flight data in the cockpit, which may help explain the causes of the plane colliding with the Java Sea off the coast of the city.

The Search and Rescue Agency said it had collected bags full of human remains and fragments of the plane’s debris at a depth of about 23 meters.

189 people were killed in 2018 when a Boeing 737 Max plane, belonging to Line Air, fell near the capital, Jakarta. As a result of that accident, along with another incident in Ethiopia, Boeing was fined about $ 2.5 billion for “defrauding” observers overseeing the 737 MAX model, which was suspended from operating around the world following the accident.

The plane that crashed the day before yesterday, Saturday, was not a Max.

In 2014, 162 passengers were killed when an AirAsia plane crashed while en route from Surabaya to Singapore. The final report concluded that the main causes of the accident were a chronically faulty component of the rudder control system, poor maintenance, and a lack of adequate response from the pilots. A year later, 140 passengers and other people on the ground were killed, as a military plane crashed shortly after take-off from Medan on the island of Sumatra.


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