Arnold Schwarzenegger

The famous actor and former California governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, compared the storming of the Capitol to a series of coordinated attacks on Jewish targets in Nazi Germany in 1938, known as the “Night of the Crystal”.

In a recorded message he sent via Twitter to Americans and “friends abroad” today, Sunday, the Republican Party Schwarzenegger described the perpetrators of the “Night of Crystal” events as “Nazi analogs” of the American “Proud Boys” group. Extreme right-wing.

He continued: “Wednesday happened a crystal day here in the United States, and the windows of the American Capitol were broken, but the crowds not only smashed the windows but also ideas that we considered foolproof.”

The former California governor stressed that the congressional rioters “have trampled on the principles upon which the state depends.”

On this occasion, Schwarzenegger revealed painful details of his childhood in Austria after World War II, noting that he had not yet spoken about these matters with such frankness.

The famous actor said that his father (who participated in the war with the ranks of the Nazi forces) was among the people who, after the end of the war, became addicted to alcohol in an effort to forget their complicity in the Nazis’ crimes, and he was screaming and beating his children when he was drunk, and the situation was similar in the families of many of his neighbors.

Schwarzenegger pointed out that these former soldiers were suffering from both physical and psychological pain, adding: “It all started with lies, lies, lies, and intolerance.”

He added that he saw with his own eyes in Europe how the situation could get out of control, stressing the importance of “for people to be aware of the catastrophic consequences of selfishness and rudeness.”

Schwarzenegger launched a sharp attack on President Donald Trump, describing him as a “failed leader.”

He added that Trump will remain in humanity’s memory as “the worst president in history,” blaming him for trying to “overturn the results of fair elections” and “plotting a coup by misleading people with lies.”

He continued, “My father and our neighbors were misled by lies too, and I know where these lies lead.”

The former California governor also directed strong criticism at Republican Party members who expressed solidarity with Trump and his supporters who stormed the Capitol.

Source: RT


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