Askold Zapachny said in a video posted on the “Gorilla Fighting Energy” account in the “Instagram” application: “Dear Habib. I saw how you deal with the strongest competitors, but you also train with the bears. If you want to increase the risk, try it and train.” With our (black) youth … although I am sure you can even handle such an issue as well. ”

Askold added, “But it is not for this reason that my brother and I recorded this video. We just want to wish you a victory. We want to support you, maybe like what all the people support you not only in our country but all over the world, so we wish you good luck, and win.” And composure, so that you can be confident of yourself. ”

Ascold, 43, and his brother Edgard, a year older than him, work in circuses and train predators.

kHabib Nurmagomedov, 31, responded to Askold’s offer, saying, “Thank you for your support, but I prefer to be a friend of the lions.”

It was reported that Habib is preparing for his upcoming confrontation with American champion Justin Gaetje, on October 24th, in the UFC 254 tournament, and the fight between the two heroes is likely to take place on the “Fight Island” in the Emirati capital, Abu Dhabi.

The Russian champion maintains an unbeaten record in the 28 matches he has fought so far throughout his professional career.

While Gaitji, 31, holds the belt of the temporary lightweight champion, which he crowned at the expense of his compatriot Tony Ferguson after defeating him by technical knockout, in the main fight of the “UFC 249” last May, in Jacksonville, Florida, USA, To achieve this victory, 22 during his professional career so far, against two defeats.


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