Russian Soyuz-2.1a missile at the launch site
Russian Soyuz-2.1a missile at the launch site

The “Ross Cosmos” Foundation announced that the experts at the Baikonur space base have begun preparations for the launch of the Russian “Soyuz” manned vehicle towards the International Space Station.

“On the morning of October 11, according to the decision of the government committee, the Russian Soyuz-2.1a missile was transferred to the 31st launch site at the Baikonur space base and installed with the Soyuz MS-17 vehicle on the launch pad,” a statement issued by the foundation said.

“The aforementioned missile and vehicle are supposed to be launched from Baikonur base on October 14 at 8:45 Am Moscow time … the vehicle will carry 3 astronauts to the International Space Station, namely: the Russians, Sergey Rijikov, Sergey Kud-Sverchkov, and the astronaut,” the statement added. The American, Kathleen Robbins, and the spacecraft’s backup crew include the Russian astronauts, Oleg Nowitzki and Piotr Dubrov, and the American astronaut, Mark Vandy-Hay. ”

The statement indicated that the spacecraft, after its launch and detachment from the carrier rocket in space, is supposed to orbit twice around the Earth, then join the space station on the same day at 11:52 Moscow time.

“Ross Cosmos,” said on September 28 that the main and reserve crew of the vehicle had arrived at the “Baikonur” base in Kazakhstan, and had begun preparations for the launch.


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