A Catholic Church in the United States
A Catholic Church in the United States
The Vatican’s publication of a report on a former American cardinal accused of sexual crimes sparked the anger of the victims against the Catholic Church in the United States, who was accused of not assuming its responsibilities so far.

The Holy See’s report states: “35 years of impunity benefited the former Archbishop of Washington, Theodore Edgar McCarrick, as the first complaint made by a church member to his president was dismissed last year when he was 88 years old.”

“From my perspective as a victim, this is disgusting,” said Mark Rosie, who was elected to the Pennsylvania National Assembly and was raped by a priest before his teens.

After a cover-up that lasted for a long time, the American Catholic Church is facing a public suspicion that has been going on for nearly twenty years that it witnessed sexual abuse and kept it secret.

“The transparency initiative launched by Pope Francis is appreciated … but it seems to me that the report only accuses dead men,” said Zach Henner, executive director of “Snap”, “because they are still in their posts.”

In 2002, the American Catholic Church adopted a charter providing for the systematic submission of reports to the judiciary in case of suspicion and abandonment of confidentiality agreements and internal penalties, and since then, the number of reported abuse cases has decreased significantly.

This new wave of moves before the courts could raise the compensation bill and others to more than $ 4 billion in total since the early 1980s.

Under the pretext of not having the ability to deal with the matter financially, at least 11 parishes have declared bankruptcy during the past two years, as reported on the “Bishop Accountability” website.

According to studies conducted by the independent Pew Research Center, the number of Catholics is the fastest decline among followers of major religions.

Source: AFP


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