US Senate
US Senate
On Wednesday, the Republicans won an additional seat in the US Senate by winning the state of Alaska and were thus within one seat of a majority in the House.

And Senator Dan Sullivan, outgoing easily, won a new state for Alaska, with 57% of the vote, according to estimates by “CNN” and “NBC”.

With Sullivan winning the election, the Republican Party would have won half of the Senate seats.

According to the current results, the Democrats won 48 seats in the 100-senatorial assembly.

There are still two unresolved seats in Georgia, for which two Democrats and the same number of Republicans will compete in the run-off, which will take place on January 5, after none of them could win 50% of the vote in the elections.

If the Democrats succeed in winning these two seats, then the Senate is divided into 50 Republican and 50 Democratic senators.

Source: AFP


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