The storming of Congress split the Republican Party

On the second day of the trial of former President Donald Trump, US Senators from the Republican Party described the case against former US President Trump as “convincing” after watching a new video of the riots in the storming of the Capitol building on January 6.

Democrats still have a daunting task to convict Trump, with only six Republicans declaring themselves standing by the 50 Democratic senators to vote in favor of starting the trial. Democrats will need at least 17 Republican votes in order to achieve the two-thirds majority needed to convict Trump.

However, both Republican Senators John Thun and Susan Collins described the case presented on Wednesday as “compelling”.

Thon described the performance of the prosecution team from the Democratic Party as very effective, and said, “I think they have been very effective.” “They had a strong presentation compiled in a way that I think makes it very compelling,” he added.

Thon added, “I think they did a good job of pointing letters through their payments by referring to Trump’s Twitter account, and I think I said they did an effective job going back several months and showing this public record.”

Senator Susan Collins, a Republican from Maine, described sitting during the prosecution presentation as “very quiet,” adding, “You may have heard a tip of the iceberg,” noting that the footage was “proven.”

She added: “The presentations were compelling, especially from Virginia Senator Stacey Blasket, and I also think the Colorado Representative was very good too.”

Collins continued: “It was the restoration of the scenes of that day with some additional details, reinforcing my belief that it was a terrible day for our country and that there is no doubt that it was an attempt to disrupt the election counting process.”

She added, “I will always be grateful to law enforcement and the Capitol police for protecting us, but I am also proud of the fact that we came back that night and finished our constitutional duty, not letting the rioters achieve their goal of disrupting the voting process.”

The prosecution team showed a new videotape of the Capitol events and previously unseen footage that appears in exceptional scenes of the storming operation.

In the footage shown, a pro-Trump demonstrator can be heard asking to know the location of the hall where the Electoral College vote count is taking place, while a Capitol Police officer named Eugene Goodman tries to remove the protesters.

Other footage showed Senators Mitt Romney and Chuck Schumer miraculously fleeing the demonstrators in search of a safe place.

Republican warning

For the first time … footage showing “extreme violence” in the congressional attack
On the other hand, many Republican lawmakers warned of the dangers of continuing Trump’s trial, indicating that it would have negative effects on attempts to repair the vertical split in the country between the right and the left, as it stood in the way of President Joe Biden’s political and legislative agenda and delayed the approval of his ministerial appointments according to opinions Some monitors.

Political analyst Chris Berodhome told Sky News Arabia: “This trial will affect the Democrats, explaining that the Americans will realize that what has happened is enough and the country needs to move forward. Even President Biden himself has said that the Senate does not have enough votes to condemn Trump, so why to pursue this?” the case!” As he says.

On the other hand, Democrats defend Trump’s trial, noting that it is a prerequisite for moving towards unity in the country under a broad slogan that says that unity cannot be achieved without accountability. Press reports indicated that more than thirty thousand Republican supporters in California have changed Their party affiliation after the events of the storming of Congress.



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