Joe Biden
Joe Biden

Eleven Republican members of the US Senate announced Saturday that they will oppose Congressional approval of the presidential election result next week, in a final and rare attempt supported by Donald Trump to challenge the victory of Democrat Joe Biden, and threaten to divide their party.

Thus, these Republicans joined Senator Josh Holly, who announced Wednesday his intention to oppose Biden’s election during the confirmation ceremony scheduled for November 6, in a procedure that appears doomed to failure.

This last chance attempt comes after the failure of successive attempts by supporters of outgoing President Donald Trump to the courts with the aim of overturning the election results in several key states that Biden won.

In a statement, the eleven members declared, “Congress must immediately name an electoral commission, with full authority to investigate electoral fraud,” which they consider having taken place, in a position that intersects with allegations made by Trump two months ago, refusing to acknowledge his defeat.

The group led by Texas Senator Ted Cruz added that “the allegations of fraud and irregularities in the 2020 elections go beyond everything we have known in our lives.”

Trump: “an attempt to steal a landslide victory”

The group believed that the committee they are calling to form should “lead an urgent review within ten days of the results of the states” in which the results of the candidates were close, otherwise, “we will vote on January 6 rejecting the votes of the major voters in the disputed states.”

Then, according to the group’s statement, the concerned states can call for extraordinary legislative sessions with the possibility of reviewing the results of their elections.

In the United States, the president is elected by indirect universal suffrage. On December 14, the electorate confirmed that Biden would win the votes of 306 from the top electorate compared to 232 for Trump, while the election of the president requires the votes of 270 senior voters.

Then Senate Republican Majority Leader Mitch McConnell recognized Biden’s victory and called on Republicans to endorse the results.

The House and Senate meet on Wednesday to confirm this result, in a procedure that is usually a formality.

But the outgoing president still maintains that he won by a wide margin in the November 3 elections, and called on his supporters to rally in Washington on the said day.

Trump posted on Twitter on Saturday the list of 11 senators who joined Missouri Senator Josh Holly, praising their initiative and saying he was a victim of electoral fraud by Democrats. “Attempt to steal a landslide victory. We can’t let them do that,” he wrote.

Trump is counting on the debate in Congress to present the elements that are based on what he says mainly his accusations of fraud. “And after people see the facts, many more things will happen,” he wrote in a tweet.

In the House of Representatives with a majority Democratic, intends more than 100 Republican members, according to CNN, to vote against the endorsement of Biden victory.

“We are not naive …”

But this endeavor is not garnering enough votes to yield a result, either in the Senate or in the House of Representatives.

In their statement, the 11 senators acknowledged, “We are not naive. We expect that a majority, if not all, of the Democrats, and perhaps more than a few Republicans, will vote otherwise.”

Among Republicans opposing this initiative, Tommy, a senator from Pennsylvania, has become one of the states whose results will be vetoed before Congress.

“A fundamental and essential feature in a democratic republic is the right of citizens to elect their leaders,” Tommy wrote on Twitter.

He believed that “the attempt of Senators Holly, Cruz and others to reverse the outcome of the 2020 presidential elections in key states such as Pennsylvania is a direct undermining of this right.”

Republican Senator Mitt Romney, who opposes Trump, described the efforts of his colleagues as “absurd.”

Trump has always urged Republicans to support him in his battle to reject the results of the presidential election, but all his efforts in the judiciary failed and courts one by one refused to consider the appeals.

And in the last blow, a federal judge in Texas responded on Friday to a new appeal filed by Republican Louis Gohmert, an attorney for this state, and a federal appeals court confirmed this ruling on Saturday.

Gohmert’s complaint was intended to prove that Vice President Mike Pence, who will preside over Congress on January 6, can personally declare the results invalid in some of the states that Republicans are vetoing.


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