defense budget.
Mitch McConnell (center), leader of the Republican majority in the US Senate

On Friday, the US Senate dealt an unprecedented slap to Donald Trump by voting, with a large majority, in favor of nullifying the veto that the outgoing president used against the passage of the defense budget.

The Senate, which is dominated by Republicans with more than two-thirds of its members, approved the aforementioned $ 740 billion budget, despite “the president’s objections.” 81 voted in favor of the resolution, while 13 voted against it.

It takes two-thirds of the vote to override the president’s veto in the US Senate.

Trump tried to pressure Republicans before the vote and said in a tweet he posted on December 29 that “the Republicans’ poor leadership will allow the bad defense budget to pass, “which, to him, is nothing more than a gift to Russia and China.


The House of Representatives, which has a majority of Democrats, made the same move Monday.

Republicans and Democrats united numerically in Monday’s vote against Donald Trump, who now sees the threat of Congress overrunning the veto that he placed on the defense budget approaching in an unprecedented insult to a president nearing the end of his term.

More than two-thirds of the deputies present in the House, including more than a hundred Republicans, voted in favor of this $ 740 billion budget “despite the president’s objections.”

Trump believes that the text of the proposed law does not include vital national security measures and does not comply with my government’s efforts to put the United States in the forefront of national security and foreign policy, which he described previously as a “gift to China and Russia.”


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