U.S. President Donald Trump
U.S. President Donald Trump

Sources told “Axios” that the election campaign for US President Donald Trump is preparing for his defeat in the race with his Democratic rival, former Vice President, Joe Biden.

And the site quoted, in a report published on Friday, that “3 of Trump’s senior advisers recently spoke with the director of the election campaign, Bill Steben, and left him thinking that he considered that they would lose.”

The report stated, based on private sources, that members of the electoral campaign began to accuse each other of responsibility for the impending defeat, adding to the bad mood fueled by the daily barrage of gloomy media headlines.

According to Axios, one of the consultants said, “A lot of this is caused by the president himself. You cannot treat a patient who does not want to accept his diagnosis.”

And one of the sources in the election campaign was quoted: “An unpleasant feeling is forming as it appears that the campaign manager does not believe deep in his heart in our victory.”

But Stephen himself vehemently denied these allegations, as he told the site: “With the approach of November 3, our campaign data indicates that the president is on a clear path to winning 270 votes (from delegates in the elections), which increases the conviction that the re-election of President Trump has become more realistic than Ever”.

The current US President from the Republican Party is in fierce competition with Democrat Biden in the election race that will end on November 3, at a time when the United States is experiencing major domestic problems due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the economic crisis, and the sharp rise in the level of unemployment.

And opinion polls, as polling day approaches, indicate a rise in Biden’s lead over Trump, whose statements and actions sparked multiple scandals during his presidency, in terms of the level of popularity.

Source: “Axios


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