True love does not recognize weight, age, or other differences. Love is deeper and more beautiful than subject to other criteria and calculations that diminish its sanctity, beauty, attractiveness, and its enchanting psychological impact. And the famous Australian star Rebel Wilson confirmed the truth of this matter based on her emotional experience with her partner, and the way she accepted the love of her extra weight before losing her big weight recently.

Love does not admit weight
The Australian actress, Rebel Wilson, confirmed that she knew her life partner Jacob Bush for a long time before she began her health journey by losing weight, which resulted in shedding 30 kilograms and restoring her agility, noting that love does not recognize weight, and that her lover Jacob Bush chose it for her person and soul and did not ask her to submit to a diet Absolutely, and that she used regular exercise several days a week, but her new slim weight would not make her eat healthy food every day, as she stated to the program: American. ET

Temperament and compatibility are more important than losing weight in a relationship
According to the British newspaper “Daily Mail”, the “40-year-old” Rebel Wilson explained in her interview to the British newspaper that her message to every woman and girl is: to know that falling in love does not necessarily mean thinness or grace, because character, character, and compatibility are more important than losing the weight.

She desires to have children
The comedian said that she craves childbearing, so she has resorted to a bank to freeze the embryos for use in the near future.
She added: Her love for sports and picnicking helped her lose weight, which she made a decision for health reasons and for work before she knew her life partner Jacob Bush, who liked her as she is, noting that she feels proud of herself after she became more balanced in her life.

The 2020 year of health for her
On the other hand, Rebel Wilson revealed since December 2019 that she has called the current year 2020, the Year of Health, and has spent the past 11 months on a successful weight loss journey in a stunning and impressive way for millions of her followers, and she had a clear goal, which is to reduce her weight to get On the ideal weight: “75” kilograms at least before the end of the year, and for that she entered a health center in Austria last November, noting that she chooses for each year a specific theme that she tries to follow, as it was taken before the year of fun and the year of love.
Wilson admitted that she was not treating her body with the love and respect it deserved, so she was using her weight as a barrier that kept many away from her.
She added that she has now become more positive and self-confident, and her desire for life has increased, especially after her association with Jacob Bush, who admitted to her that she attracted him with her sweet spirit and cheerful personality.

She lived with her overweight 20 years
It is noteworthy that Rebel Wilson lived with her excess weight in a distinctive sweet spirit for 20 years, until she succeeded in reducing 30 kilograms, and considers it a very important achievement in the interest of her health in the first place and nothing else.

Her own diet
And Rebel Wilson added in previous statements, that much of her health journey towards fitness was about reorganizing her bad eating habits, and Wilson said that she followed a high-protein diet, through which she drinks a large amount of water, and tries to consume less than 1500 calories. A day, after she previously consumed 3000 calories per day, and she tries to pay attention to the amounts when she eats chicken.
And she admitted that she had previously grown up on fast food and that she suffers from “emotional eating”, that is, she eats a lot in situations of happiness, sadness, tension, and work pressures.


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