Real Madrid will seek to join Mahrez in the event Gareth Bale leaves

The Spanish newspaper (Defensa Central) confirmed that in the event that Al-Merengi gets rid of Gareth Bale, Real Madrid will seek to join Mahrez as a first choice.

It is now certain that the royal team is seeking to get rid of its Welsh player in any way possible in order to provide a material reward that allows entry to the transfer market, as well as reducing the high salaries of the team.

According to the Spanish newspaper’s confirmation, if Bill’s exit takes place during the current Mercato, Real Madrid will seek to join Mahrez directly.

(Defensa Central) indicated that the club’s management has already contacted the Algerian wing and those around him in order to know his intentions regarding the possible transfer.

Mahrez has a contract with Manchester City, which will last until 2023, but his exit from England is not ruled out, according to the Spanish newspaper.

Their sources confirm that the recent competition for the English winger (Ferrand Torres) would make Mahrez think of going out for a bigger opportunity.

President (Florentino Perez) had confirmed that Real Madrid would first seek to get rid of the financial crises that afflicted the club due to the Coronavirus, which means less movement in the transfer market.

But it is certain that this will not prevent the club from the opportunity to sign the Algerian, who succeeded in 29 goals during 50 games last season with the English side.


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