Qualities that a failed manager doesn't have
A good leader shows employees that he is one of them and a role models for them

Giving orders, instructions and imposing penalties don’t make the manager a successful leader, but the wise management of a various team that achieves goals in a perfect work environment causes you to a successful manager, from here comes the fundamental point of team management, which is a way to motivate employees to present their best work.

In a report published by the Spanish magazine Psicologiaymente, the author Andreas Carrillo presented a number of the required methods and methods for motivating the social unit.

What is motivation at work?

When it involves motivation at work, what’s meant is that the factors that encourage the worker to try to do his duty satisfactorily.

And when the work is within a team or groups, this motivation should be collective, so all team members should cooperate to hold out the tasks assigned to them to the fullest.

The idea is that every member of the work team is going to be directed towards accomplishing the task required of them in proportion to the interests of the organization.

The writer indicated that there are two sources of motivation, one is internal and also the other is external, and therefore the internal motivation represents everything that someone desires to realize his goals, like gaining work experience.

As for external motivation, it includes everything which will result from working hard, meaning that the motivation is predicated on what the worker will get after completing his tasks to the fullest, like a promotion or a salary bonus or bonus.

How does one motivate the team at work?

The author provides an inventory of top techniques and advice on a way to motivate teams in keeping with Organizational Psychology:

Good driving

For the team to perform well, it’s important that the leader not only target managing the project but even be ready to work with the varied members of the team. a decent leader not only demands his employees for results, but he should even be concerned with covering their needs and taking under consideration the various personal motives of everyone. who are they?

Good incentives

The writer believes that a salary bonus or occasional bonus isn’t enough to motivate the team to try and do its best because it’s just short-term motivations, and after ages, the team members will feel dissatisfied again.

The best incentives are to produce employees with a perfect work environment that ensures that they supply the specified daily performance so they are doing not feel overwhelmed or uncomfortable about their work situation, and it’s imperative that every team member clearly define the role they have to play.

Prevent harassment at work

Being bullied within the workplace is one every of the most reasons employees feel frustrated, which reduces their productivity and satisfaction.

We must be attentive to such behavior within the workgroups so as to not allow someone to be exposed to that or be a reason behind it.

After work programs

This type of initiative aims to produce knowledge and tools that may help employees improve their overall quality of life and enhance their performance at work yet. as an example, some after-work programs – like workshops on emotional management, and conversations about assertive communication at work – are considered. and therefore the practice of any sporting activity by team members – a successful thanks to motivating employees.

Provide information to the team

The sense of responsibility of the work team members and their undertaking of tasks within the scope of their specialization increases their performance, therefore, the leader must ensure that sufficient information is provided to his employees to feel that they’re responsive to everything that happens within the work environment.
Recognition of effort

Every great employee likes to be praised for his or her efforts, and once you tell employees that they’re doing a decent job at a particular stage of the work, it helps them feel that their efforts are important.

Leader’s participation

There is a reasonably common mistake among work team leaders, which is that the belief that it’s sufficient to administer the required direction to the workgroup to try to to the remainder of the tasks, and this method never motivates the worker, as an honest leader not only provides guidance but also actively participates within the process of ending the tasks. For the staff, he’s also one among them and sets an example for them.

Moderate functional turnover

No team member will want to travel through job rotations, which is why you ought to take care when adopting this approach while acting on a project.

Imposing this method may make the worker feel frustrated in your group. Alternatively, it’s best to form stable groups within which each member feels safe in his position in order that he doesn’t doubt that he will change his position and tasks at any moment.

Source: Spanish Press


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