When it was confirmed that the most powerful man in the world had the worst disease, the world immediately reacted to the news with reactions that were a mixture of shock, sympathy, anger, curiosity, and hidden joy.

As soon as US President Donald Trump announced on Twitter that he and his wife Melania had contracted the emerging kurta virus, the news dominated the large and small screens and led to confusion of many plans.

From presidential offices to social media accounts, the news sparked countless comments and preoccupied people all over the world.

An injury to the head of the most powerful economy in the world would cause more suspicion and anxiety for investors, especially if it is linked to the presidential elections scheduled to take place on the third of next November.

Financial markets reacted immediately to the news, with US stock futures prices dropping, global markets falling, and oil prices dropping.

Wishes leaders
For their part, world leaders rushed to respond to the news, and there appeared sympathy at the summit, while elsewhere there was something akin to gloating.

Trump has become one of a growing number of leaders who have been infected with Corona, and many of them have been known to strive to reduce the threat of the virus.

In a direct message to Trump, Russian President Vladimir Putin wrote, “I hope you will overcome the virus thanks to your inherent vitality, optimism, and high spirits.”

On Twitter, the Director-General of the World Health Organization wrote, “My sincere wishes to President Trump for a speedy and full recovery.”

The Trump administration informed the United Nations last July of its withdrawal from the World Health Organization, and this decision is due to take effect next year.

Trump claims that the WHO is under strong influence from China, so it must be reformed.

As for the leader of the right-wing opposition in Italy, Matteo Salvini, he tweeted, “In Italy and the world, whoever rejoices in the illness of a man or a woman and wishes death to the neighbor, confirms that he is foolish and without a soul. An embrace of Melania and Donald.”

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson – who had previously spent a week in the hospital for contracting the virus – also wished Trump a speedy and full recovery.

Criticisms and tips
But Johnson’s infectious disease adviser, Dr.Bharat Pankhania, tweeted in another direction, saying he hoped Trump’s injury sends a message to Trump himself and other leaders.

He wrote, “We want presidents – especially those powerful like Trump – to take this (disease) seriously, and support scientists and doctors to lead the response to the epidemic, rather than employing political influence in trying to deny” the danger of this virus according to their political agendas and interests.

During her weekly press conference, Tokyo Governor Yuriko Koike said that “the news” reminds her that people in Japan wear masks on a large scale, but she did not mention Trump by name.

The global media played a major role in making Trump’s injury landmark, and it dominated television screens in Seoul, Tokyo, and Beijing.


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