Neymar de Silva
Neymar de Silva

The 28-year-old Brazilian player Neymar de Silva aroused general popular discontent in Brazil after publishing news of his intention to hold a New Year’s party for a whole week in which he invites a large number of his friends and acquaintances, which required an official investigation with him to challenge this party’s restrictions and national prevention measures Of the Coronavirus, which is witnessing a record high number of infections.

According to the media, the Brazilian judiciary has opened an investigation into the alleged party that the Brazilian player Neymar de Silva will organize on New Year’s Day December 31 in a luxurious villa he owns on the coast of Rio de Janeiro, as announced by the Prosecutor’s office.

The public prosecutor of Rio de Janeiro said that he had opened an investigation into this case after he received many complaints based on information published in Brazilian newspapers regarding this party, which caused widespread criticism in Brazil.

Close to the player, Neymar denied organizing this party, which was reported to include 150 to 500 invitees.

In order to add more mystery to this party, Neymar posted a picture of him with one of his friends, while he was on a yacht on the beach of “Santa Catarina” in southern Brazil.

The public prosecutor asked the star of the Brazilian national team and French club Paris Saint-Germain, Neymar de Silva, the owner of the villa, in addition to an adjacent apartment complex, to provide him with “urgently” the details of the party, the number of invitees, and the health measures taken to hold it.

Agence France-Presse contacted one of Neymar’s advisors and announced that he did not know whether the Brazilian star Neymar would celebrate the New Year at his luxurious home in Mangaratiba, a tourist city located 130 kilometers from Rio de Janeiro, or if he would stay in Santa Fe. Katarina.


However, the British newspaper “The Guardian”, the day before yesterday, Tuesday, December 29, according to Brazilian media, confirmed that the ceremony will actually take place and that the celebrations of the player “Neymar Paloza” began last Saturday in a palace overlooking the sea in the coastal city “Mangaratiba” In Rio de Janeiro.

The organizers of the ceremony, Agência Fábrica, confirmed the event, and that they followed all the precautionary measures set by government health authorities, and that the ceremony will include 150 guests and not 500 as published by Brazilian press reports.

It is noteworthy that Brazil is the second-largest number of deaths in the world due to the Coronavirus after the United States, as the number of deaths exceeded 191,146 people out of 7.4 million infections.

For this reason, widespread media and popular criticism were launched against the Brazilian player Neymar, and Brazilian newspapers described Neymar’s actions and his intention to hold a huge New Year party as “irresponsible” behavior, while some went further and considered holding a party in such circumstances as “criminally responsible.” And he danced over corpses with coronavirus.


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