Carl Philip and his wife Sophie
Carl Philip and his wife Sophie
After a number of princes in Europe were infected with the new Coronavirus and recovered from it within a few days, between them: Prince Charles and his son Prince William, the last infected from the European royal families, Prince Carl Philip of Sweden, and his wife Princess Sophia, who felt mild flu symptoms from Wednesday after their participation In a few days, a royal funeral ceremony took place, and they were tested for Coronavirus, and it came back positive.

Yesterday, Thursday, the Swedish Royal Palace officially announced that the 41-year-old Prince of Sweden, Carl Philip, and his wife, Princess Sophia, were infected and subjected to quarantine after their tests for the Coronavirus “Covid 19” were positive, as they showed mild symptoms.

According to the German News Agency, the royal family doctor has begun to follow-up and investigate the chain of infection, and it is planned to conduct a corona test for King Carl the 16th Gustav and Queen Silvia, Crown Princess Victoria, and her husband Prince Daniel.

Margherita Turgren, a spokeswoman for the palace, told the newspaper “Expressen” that the royal family gathered last Friday to participate in the funeral of Walter Sommerlath, the eldest brother of Queen Silvia and that the children of Prince Carl Philip and his wife Sophia: Prince Alexander “4 years” and Prince Gabriel “3 years”. They have no symptoms, and it is not known whether they were tested for Coronavirus or not.

It is noteworthy that Prince Carl Philip, “41 years”, is the fourth in the right to the throne. He married Princess Sophia Hilkvist, “35 years,” in 2015, and they have two children, Alexander and Gabriel.


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