Price and specifications of two new versions of the "XBOX" console.

International press reports revealed the price and the leaked details of the famous American company “Microsoft” gaming platform “XBOX“.

Leaks from sources within the American company, reported by the specialized technical website Engadget, showed that Microsoft intends to launch two versions of Xbox, namely, “XBOX SERIE X” and “XBOX SERIE S”.
Microsoft is expected to launch its two new gaming platforms on November 10

The American company will put up the “XBOX SERIE X” platform at a price of $ 499.

And that version will have a built-in CD reader, while the lowest version will be uncompressed with the “XBOX SERIE S” CD player at a price of $ 299.

The two new gaming platforms will be compatible with existing games with previous versions, with the ability to run 4K games.
The two “XBOX” platforms will also be able to run games at a resolution of 1080 x 1440 pixels, and the “SERIE S” unit will have a less powerful CPU than the “SERIE X”


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