Presidential election: Trump wins Texas and Florida, Biden confirms he is "on track to victory"
Presidential election: Trump wins Texas and Florida, Biden confirms he is “on track to victory”

Presidential election

Tens of millions of American voters flocked to the polls on Tuesday to cast their ballots, amid an unprecedented division between them to choose a president between Democratic candidate Joe Biden and outgoing President Donald Trump, who promise them two visions on opposite sides of the United States.

The country is preparing for a long night of anticipation of the results. The poll looks a lot like a referendum on the most controversial contemporary US presidents.

At the conclusion of a four-year presidential term outside of standards and an election campaign overshadowed by the Covid-19 epidemic, more than a million voters cast their votes early in the last weeks before the election date Tuesday to avoid standing in lines in light of the outbreak of the new Coronavirus, indicating the possibility of registering participation. Standard.

Trump promises his fans a “grand celebration” from the White House
224 votes for Biden and 213 for Trump
Vote counting continues Tuesday to determine the outcome of the US presidential election between outgoing President Donald Trump and his Democratic rival Joe Biden, with a long night expected before the results are decided.
The results, in turn, arrive with media expectations that have so far indicated that the Republican won in 23 states, including the prominent states of Florida, Texas, Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, and Missouri, all of which he won in 2016.
Biden won 18 states, including Delaware and major states such as California and New York, as well as Washington, DC.
That gives Biden 224 votes in the electoral college and Trump’s 213.
Winning the presidency requires the votes of 270 elite voters in this complex.

Trump wins Texas
Trump accuses Democrats of trying to “steal” elections (AFP)
Joe Biden Confirms He’s On “Right Way” To Win The Presidential Election (AFP)
Democratic candidate Joe Biden called on his supporters to “be patient”, expressing confidence in the results of the presidential election.
“I am optimistic about the outcome,” Biden said in a quick speech, adding that he was “confident” of the outcome in Arizona and “had a really positive feeling” about the course of things in Wisconsin and Michigan.
Biden ended his speech by saying, “We will win this election.”
Donald Trump wins Florida and Biden, Minnesota
Outgoing US President Donald Trump won in Florida the crucial state for re-election that his Democratic opponent Joe Biden had hoped to wrest from him, according to Fox, NBC, and CNN.
The Republican president also won in Iowa and the Democrat won in Minnesota, according to US media.
Florida allows Donald Trump to win 29 of the major voters. Iowa brought him six more senior voters, bringing his total to at least 168. Biden, for his part, won 223 voters, including Minnesota.
And it takes 270 major voters to win the presidential election.

Joe Biden will deliver a speech at 5:30 GMT (his campaign team)
Joe Biden’s campaign team announced that the Democratic candidate for the US presidency will speak at 5:30 GMT Wednesday from his headquarters in Wilmington, Delaware, where he is fighting a very fierce competition against his Republican opponent, Donald Trump.
The 77-year-old Joe Biden campaign team did not provide further details about the expected rhetoric while the results of several key states are still expected, including Arizona, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin.

Trump wins Ohio, one of the states that witnessed strong election competition (media)
US President Donald Trump won on Tuesday in Ohio, one of the “rust belt” states that witnessed strong competition, which he won in 2016 and is considered important for winning a second term over his Democratic rival, Joe Biden.
Fox News and NBC News announced that Trump had won this midwestern state.

Trump wins Idaho

US elections: Joe Biden temporarily widens the difference with his rival Donald Trump in the electoral college by 135 to 108
The Democrats maintain control of the US House of Representatives

Democrats maintained their control of the US House of Representatives and even strengthened this majority in the midterm elections that took place Tuesday, in conjunction with the presidential elections, according to estimates reported by Fox News and ABC.
According to these estimates, the Democrats will win between four and five additional seats in the 435-seat assembly, knowing that they currently occupy 232 of its seats.



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