Poor fisherman becomes a millionaire after finding whale vomit!

Thai fisherman Naris Suansang, 60, found one of the largest pieces of whale vomit in the world, valued at $ 3.2 million.

What is whale vomit?

The vomit of whale or amber is considered a marine treasure and floating gold as it is used to make the most expensive perfumes in the world, and Naris said that he saw a mass resembling rocks being washed away on the beach when he was walking by the sea in southern Thailand, but its shape was a bit strange.

He called his cousins ​​to help him examine this unusual discovery, and to their surprise, they discovered that this mass was nothing but whale amber, a rare secretion of whales that is used as an expensive ingredient in producing the most expensive perfumes like Chanel No5 to make their scent last longer.

They made sure of their discovery after testing it with a lighter, as they brought the fire close to the surface and found it melting instantly, releasing a musk-like odor.

Mr. Naris said that the weight of this amber was 100 kg, which makes it probably one of the largest pieces of whale vomit ever discovered, and a businessman called him to offer him $ 32,000 per kg if the amber proved to be of sufficient quality.

And he continued: The businessman told me that he would come to check the quality of the amber later, and the price shocked me, even a fraction of this amount will be able to help me until the end of my life, adding that he intends to go to the police to record his discovery in case someone tries to steal the material.


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